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  • Michelle Wells

Truth Jeans…

I spent years waking up every morning and weighing myself.  I would close my eyes, say a little prayer and look down at the scale to determine what kind of person I was and what kind of day I was going to have.  One number on a scale held unbelievable power.  One tenth of a pound mattered, and it mattered a lot.  It began to be a game.  I knew how to make that number go up and down changing the amount of food and exercise I would do during the day.  One tenth of a pound up, or one tenth of a pound down.  I could control that number.

 After years of watching that number, I have officially quit the scale game.  I haven’t weighed myself in over six months.  It’s not that I stopped caring, it’s just I’ve found a different way to monitor myself.

I have a pair of “Truth Jeans”.

Ladies, we all have a favorite pair of jeans that are our own personal ideal of what we should be able to wear.  Jeans that at times have hung in our closets laughing at us as we wear yoga pants for the third day in a row. My truth jeans are a pair of size 6, mid rise, straight leg, light washed jeans.  These are my go to jeans.  If I want to know how well I’ve been eating and how diligent I have been with my exercise, I put the jeans on.  There’s always that moment of anticipation as you slip in the first leg, and then the prayers start as you get the second leg on…will they button…can you make it work????

The thing about truth jeans is, I will do almost anything to get them on.  I will lay on the bed and suck in every ounce of anything I can, even stop breathing for a minute or two to get them fastened.  Must…button…jeans…  Breathing optional.   Obvioiusly, there are different levels of success with the truth jeans.  Buttoning them, simply means that there’s no need to check myself into the Betty Crocker Food Rehab Clinic.  I could button them and have a roll hanging over the top, but if I can get them buttoned, rehab can be put on hold for another day.  Buttoning doesn’t require professional intervention.

Now, if I can button them without a roll spilling over the top, and I’m able to breath, then comes the “Can You Sit?” test.  Now, one must be very careful with this one.  There’s a fine line between successfully sitting in your truth jeans and having a code red rip up the side.  Don’t push it.  Sometimes accepting the success of getting them buttoned is enough for one day.

If I’m able to button successfully and sit without a seam busting out, then comes the next question.  Can I take a nap in my truth jeans?  Can I curl up on the couch and comfortably drift off into sleep.  If I’m thinking of taking a nap and decide that I should take my jeans off first, then those truth jeans are telling me something. 

The final test in the truth jeans test is to wash them…and put them in the dryer.  Now, if I can grab those jeans straight out of the dryer and put them on (praying my way through one leg at a time), buttoning them (to keep me out of the Betty Crocker clinic), sit in them(without a code red blow out), and take a nap in them (without even considering changing into yoga pants) then I know that I’m doing okay.  The jeans don’t lie, they don’t understand that it was just one cookie, or one glass…er bottle of wine.  The truth jeans keep me honest and accountable.

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