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  • Michelle Wells

The Nut Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

As my baby approaches a few of these milestones, I find myself thinking about the skills, the traits and the flaws that I have instilled in my children. As I rapidly become slingshotted into empty nest syndrome, I can’t help but think that all these years of parenting have shown my child the best and worst of me, and now, they are going to carry it with them.

Today at church I heard a saying that I haven’t heard in awhile.  “The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.”  So true, so what have I shown my nuts????

I hope that I’ve shown them deliberate desire.  That anything worth having takes intentional effort and work.  I hope that I’ve shown them passion about the things and people they love.  I hope that I’ve shown them discipline about keeping their minds, their bodies, and their spiritual life in check.  I hope that I’ve shown them that grace and forgiveness is mandatory, and sometimes unwarranted.  I hope that I’ve shown them unconditional love.  That no matter what, I am here, I love them, and I will always be on their team.

Despite all of those great qualities, I hope they missed a few that I have shown as well. I hope they miss the morning “weigh in” that determines the merit of your day.  I hope they miss the jaded cynical sarcasm that becomes unrelateable and makes people feel distant.  I hope they missed the articulate calcualting words that cut deep into hearts and minds.  I hope they missed the scared woman that allows men to treat her horribly regardless of the emotional impact.  I hope they missed the victim in me at all.  I hope they missed me medicating with food or alcohol or exercise.

As I look at the lists, I know they saw things in both, and that I can’t pick and choose which parts they will carry with them.  What I hope more than anything is that they saw that I am a child of God who is loved.  That God’s love comes without condition and that I can rest in His promises. That despite my phenomonal qualities and my epic downfalls, that I am a survivor.  I hope they saw that no matter what, great things come from hard work and perserverance.

I just hope that more often than not they saw agape.  That maybe I mirrored something in them that reminded them that no matter what, they are worth the fight. So today as a rummage through old boxes preparing for the next step in life, I pray that my girls see me as their biggest fan.  I pray that they see me as flawed, but desperately trying to be better.  I pray that they see their life as crazy, but blessed.  Today, I pray that they just see a small hint of the love of Jesus in me.  Because, that’s a good way to start in the world.

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