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Slow To Transition


I celebrated my 39th birthday by doing something that I hadn’t done in more than a decade. While I would love to tell you some great story of skydiving, bungee jumping or spending the weekend at an exotic resort, the truth is I took the opportunity to go to the eye doctor. I haven’t been to the eye doctor in 15 years and so while I was still not yet 40, I decided it was time to make an appointment.

I went through each and every test full of flashing lights and pressure gauges. I had my eyes dilated and looked through the machine that will now always remind me of the Justin Timberlake album cover. I had a complete and thorough exam. When the doctor finished she said, “Michelle, you have 20/20 vision. You’re increasing age does not require glasses for distance OR for reading, but what it does do is make you slow to transition.”

My eyes are slow to transition. Slow to go from this to that. Slow to focus, slow to capture the visual frame. Slow…to…transition. I don’t transition well. I see perfectly clear in the today and I see perfectly clear in the future, but in between I see everything in this blurry soft focus haze. I’m slow to focus on what’s coming with no ability to see anything between here and there.

I’m beginning to think that my vision was designed to suit where I am today. Today I am happy, I’m content, and as I begin to move from where I am to where I’m going I will put on the glasses of faith and prayer and know that it will all come into focus when the time is right. I accept that my increasing age makes transitions slow, makes my movement cautioned, and occasionally makes my vision blurred. I trust in what I see today and I trust in what I see in the future, but I struggle to see my way from here to there. My transitions are slow but my vision is perfect, and today as I wear my transitional glasses I will work hard to focus on the joy and love I have in my life. Today I trust that God has given me a crystal clear vision of the future and that I don’t have to see everything between now and then perfectly. Today, I’m greatful for the clarity I have and know that even though it takes awhile to see…it’s coming.

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