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Parenting By Cell Phone

                Some of you may argue that the award for “Phenomenal Cell Phone Mom” is like winning Celebrity Apprentice.  At the end of the day, you’re still sub par. That very well could be true.  Five years ago I was the kind of mom that made Claire Huxtable jealous.  I was packing lunches, volunteering in classrooms, settling disagreements with my girls like a UN Negotiator, properly brainwashing them with my morals, running the PTA, doing laundry, cleaning the house, leaping buildings in a single bound…  I was the mom that everyone loved.  I was good at what I did and I loved being that mom.

                I still love being a mom, but I admit that my parenting occurs more at a distance.  Some of this is a natural progression in life.  The girls are 15 and 17 now, and they don’t need me volunteering in their AP Language classroom, but some of it is just that life has drastically changed in the last five years.  I’m a single mom now, who is just trying to keep all the balls in the air.  I can’t pretend that their world hasn’t changed, but I’m working every day to give them the best that I can.  Today some of the best connection I have with my kids happens in text messages.  Text messages. I’m fairly certain that Siri has become a fill in mom when I’m not available.   I’m learning to accept parenting by text message, and to try and thrive in it.  I’m learning to make peace with the fact that I’m a cell phone mom.

                It’s true, I’m not as physically available to my children as I used to be.  I’m no longer sitting in a chair in front of the door just waiting for them to walk in, but no matter where I am, I’m always connected. We are learning to adjust to our new life.   I still make a point to have a conversation with them everyday either in person or by phone call. Sometimes those conversations consist of “Hey mom, can I call you back?”  I have a great relationship with my girls.  They share with me, they believe in me, they trust me.  They trust me.  So I proudly wear the “Phenomenal Cell Phone Mom” badge.  Claire Huxtable…be jealous.

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