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  • Michelle Wells

Okay, I’ll get on!!!


My grandparents lived on a farm. It was almost story book like. There was the barn where the cows would seek shelter, the hay loft that contained rodents, snakes and also hay, a well that literally had to be pumped to get water, a small farmhouse with a coal burner for heat, a tire swing, and the world’s best sledding hill. This hill was long and steep, and if you steered your sled in just the right way, you could hit a jump near the bottom that actually allowed you to take flight for a few brief exhilarating seconds. Sure there was a non-jump way to get down the hill, but when you really wanted to have the full sledding experience, you went for the jump. Now if you lost control of your sled (or you were like me and just really bad at it) you could end up in the briar patch. There was a trick to getting the most possible out of the sledding experience and the trick was fairly simple. Mom…couldn’t…go. My mother is the type of mom who probably would have bubble wrapped us at birth and slowly popped one bubble a year to protect us from getting hurt. She couldn’t bear the thought of doing anything dangerous or risky, and in all honesty, sledding at my grandparents was both dangerous and risky. My dad of course knew that my mom wouldn’t understand the lack of bubble wrap needed for sledding, so he would almost always figure out a way that we could do it without her there.

My brother would run with the sled and just jump. He would go head first and fast and hit that jump with almost laser precision almost every time. I would stand at the top of the hill and calculate snow depth, wind speeds, check to ensure that the sled was safe and there were no loose parts, watch the technique of my brother as he went, think about the options in case I hit the briar patch, and sometimes talk myself out of going down the hill at all. It’s not that I didn’t want to go, I just wanted to know what was going to happen. I needed to know what to plan for, disaster or delight. I just needed to know what was coming.

Sometimes in life, all the preparations and plans we make rob us of relying on the enabling Grace of God that brings us closer to His plan for our lives. Sometimes we are robbed of the joy and delight because we don’t know exactly what it will look like. Sometimes we are more afraid of the disaster then we are afraid of not experiencing the delight. Sometimes we don’t allow God the freedom to empower us with His grace and know that as we are whizzing down the hill, briar patch or jump, He is on that sled beside us. So, today, I’m telling you that with God sitting on the Radio Flyer sled calling me to join Him, that I’m getting ready to go down the hill.

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