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My Grandma


My grandmother is in the hospital.  Two weeks ago she was a strong and vibrant woman, and today she is under the care of hospice gasping for breaths.  What I love and admire about my grandma is that she lived with her foot on the accelerator.  She breathed life into every room either by inspiration, or simply telling you to get your rear end in gear.  She was a “doer”.  She ran a food pantry that she started out of the back of her car years ago.  She would take in unwed pregnant teens and care for them until they gave birth, then care for their babies until they were adopted.  The word “saint” seems appropriate for what this woman has given to the church, to the community, and mostly to her family.  She loved us all with reckless abandon, and was passionate about caring for us.  But today…she lay silent…dying.

Have you ever watched someone slowly die?  No water for 5 days, no IV, no medical life saving measures.  Just watch them unconscious, sleeping, seemingly unaware, gasping for breath.  It’s agonizing.  My grandma lived her life fully, but how many of us are living with emotional hospice?  How many of us are just waiting…gasping for breath?

It’s so easy to get caught in the monotony of everyday life.  To deny the things that God calls us to do, and to just exist..  So hard sometimes to face our future, to embrace the things that fulfill us, and to live with no fear of ill perception.  I think about what it was like that first time my grandma drove her car to the notoriously needy apartment complex and opened her trunk to give away food.  What must people have thought of her??  What I admire so much about her is that I know that she really didn’t care.  She was on a mission to fulfill her purpose, and to have joy…contentment…and peace.  My grandma has peace.

Today, I know that there is no other way to live than with the foot on the accelerator.  Tomorrow is not a guarantee.  We can’t plan to laugh tomorrow, to sing tomorrow, to dance tomorrow, and we certainly can’t plan to love tomorrow, because today is all we may have.  Embrace the needs God put in your heart and work everyday with your foot on the accelerator to fulfill them.  Today, I urge you to live your future.  Embrace God’s plan for your life and love with reckless abandon.

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