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  • Michelle Wells

Letter To Me

Dear Michelle,

While I acknowledge that it has been a rough week, I need you to remember something. You are not broken, you are not unlovable, you are not beyond repair. What you are is faithfully following where God is leading you. Please continue to pray and to listen and to be greatful for the joy that following has allowed you to experience.

You are strong and driven and motivated and desperately seeking where and how to move, but know that God is working on it…He’s working in it, and if your direction needs changed you’ll know. Know that today being motivated and driven feels like a burden, it’s part of what makes you exceptional. Be exceptional. You will know what direction to take soon. You WILL know.

You were created with a purpose and a plan and nothing, NOTHING, can change the purpose for which God has created you. His purpose will prosper regardless. Be faithful. Be strong and remember that so many people love you. You are blessed by an incredible support system.

Remember that for everything there is a season and a time and that your time is coming. Trust, believe and embrace that the best of your life is before you.

Be open to every opportunity that God presents you and be able to see the ways that God sustains you everyday.

Michelle, be in the world. Laugh, dance, experience joy, fight the urge to be broken. Faithfully believe that God hears you. Because, Michelle, He does hear you.

You’re not broken. You’re not crazy. You’re listening. Listen.

Be strong, be vulnerable, be you. Because you are extraordinary.

I love you.



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