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Have you ever been in a dark and quiet room, listening to the sounds in silence? The sound of the heater quietly kicking on, the sounds of a car humming softly as it drives by, the occasional sound of wind blowing against the window, and even the sound of a grandfather clock ticking. Tick, tock, tick, tock…There is sort of a sweet gentle lullaby that is created by the rhythmic sound of the clock counting off each second of time. The seconds turn into minutes, which turn into hours, to days, to months, to years. Tick tock, tick tock. The rhythm is steady and unshakable and signifies the sound of life passing by.

This week we buried my grandmother. We celebrated her 92 years of following God’s purpose for her life. Certainly an example of a life not wasted. We heard countless stories of almost heroic moments where she would step in and save the day, stories even by my aunts of being rescued. My grandmother was known at her church as “Mother Superior”. She left a legacy that we are all intimidated by and yet so very proud of. As we reflect back on her life, it makes me want to look forward. What is my legacy? What will I leave for my children and grandchildren to see?

In a nutshell it brings me back to the age old question, of what does God want me to do with my life? I hate this question because it always seems so big. It seems too much to answer. He must want huge things from me. He must want me to build a legacy like my grandmother. But maybe my legacy will look different. Maybe mine will be in inspiring someone who reads my writing. Maybe it will be in supporting a partner to fulfill their dreams. To love with pure forgiveness and grace, and to bring people closer to God’s love. Maybe that’s just what I know now. Maybe that’s all there is.

What I know for sure is that I can here that clock ticking. There is no tomorrow in being who God wants you to be. There is only today. So as I continue to discover the things that God plans for me, I will be working hard to accomplish the plans He already has. Today I vow to create my legacy not so my children and grandchildren will be proud, but so that God says to me “nice job”. Today I work to be the person that God created in a pure authentic form. Tick tock…tick tock… What does God want from you?

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