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It’s easy, right?!?!?

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 2

Somewhere around Rebecca’s first birthday I decided that she would get a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. A Cozy Coupe is basically a small plastic red car with a yellow roof and black steering wheel. It’s a kids toy that requires Fred Flintstone type power to make the car move, and is basically a carbon copy of a smart car except smaller. It was a great gift for a first birthday. I brought the box home and ripped it open feeling just like a kid on Christmas day. I was going to give Rebecca her first little play car. When the box tore open, plastic parts went everywhere. I dug through and found a set of instructions. There weren’t English instruction and Spanish instructions. Not Japanese instructions and French instructions. There was a one page set of instructions that were a series of six pictures. There were no labeled parts and no words. Absolutely NO WORDS!

I found myself painstakingly putting that stupid car together shaking the six step picture instruction sheet, yelling at the paper…”What’s Next??” I found myself putting wheels on axels, and trying to force a steering wheel into place. I found myself wanting so bad a set of ridiculously detailed written instructions. Why is it that sometimes the vision of the next step is so clear but the process of how to get there isn’t? It was just six steps. I can see it. I have the picture!

So much of my life is full of visions about what’s coming and dreams about what will be, but the process is sometimes so hard. I find myself shaking things yelling “What’s next” a lot. I believe that God gives us visions and goals so that we can plan our future. He gives us pictures, step by step, so that we have a goal to work toward. Sometimes the directions aren’t always clearly written out, but the vision…the picture is right in front of me. I know what the next step looks like. Maybe the process is part of what God needs for me to figure out. Maybe, while building the picture, I need to be planning, and praying, and open to building something beautiful. Maybe, I need to accept the fact that God truly wants that next step for me. And maybe…just maybe, I will get there.

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