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  • Michelle Wells

It’s Down There

Lazy River

When my kids were little, I would spend my summer days in a local waterpark. The day would begin by racing for a chairs, applying copious amounts of sunscreen, making a plan for what slides to ride, when the wave pool would be at its peak, and how many hours I would personally spend in the lazy river. I loved the lazy river. You could get an intertube, plop yourself down in it and just float along in whatever way the current takes you. Sure, there was the occasional waterfall pouring cold water on you, and the definite risk of front body sunburn, but ultimately…it was a very relaxing way to spend an entire afternoon. Just skimming the surface of the water. One afternoon I saw a man with a mask and snorkel crawling on the bottom of the lazy river. I watched him work so hard to dive down, to keep his body toward the bottom, and then to have to rush up for breath every minute or so. It was exhausting just watching him. He would come to the surface, get a deep breath, and then head straight back down to the bottom. The entire time, I was just floating on the surface, relaxing to the summer music being played throughout the park. The more I watched the man; I began to wonder what exactly he was doing. After awhile I began to watch him closely in an almost stalker like fashion. I watched him surface, watched him dive, watched him crawl on the bottom, and then quickly surface again. Over and over again. As I studied his pattern I began to notice something. While he was crawling on the bottom he was picking something up. Staying close to the bottom allowed him to collect change that had fallen out of pockets throughout the day. This man spent all day diving deep for money. The entire time I was in the intertube, I never knew that there was a treasure at the bottom. As I floated on the surface, I was content, but never once found a treasure. Life can be funny that way. You can float on the surface of life enjoying the contentment of bobbing along, but the treasure can only be found when you work hard, and dive deep. It’s exhausting to be a deep thinker, a deep feeler, and a deep soul searcher. It’s exhausting to work so hard everyday, when so many people are just floating by. But just like the change collector, I know that the treasure can only be found when you are willing to get down deep, and this girl wants the treasure. I want to be all that God intended me to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I want to experience love deeply, to experience joy deeply, and to experience a personal relationship with God. I know that this is who God created me to be. I know that I will never be okay staying on the surface. I need to go deep. So if you occasionally see me popping up to the surface gasping for breathe, just know that I’m still looking for the treasure.

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