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I Was Tested for Covid-19

Updated: Apr 17, 2020


I was tested for COVID-19.

I have been debating sharing this because I really don’t want any of those “Are you okay?” questions, or the “Oh my God, what happened?” Long story disturbingly short…I work in health care. People in our city are very sick, and I failed a mandatory temperature check. I had a low-grade fever, a (probable allergy) cough and fatigue. There are many more chapters to the story, but I love you all, so there is the Cliff Notes version. While I honestly don’t believe I have it, I have been wondering about all the people I have had contact with in the past 2 weeks. The man at the gas station that dropped his glasses and I picked them up and handed them to him, the construction worker who was in line to pay at the convenience store that I made small talk with, my co-workers…I was handed her phone and laughed at a video…then stupidly just handed it back, the elderly man at Kroger buying crazy amounts of cat food that I stood behind in line, the cashiers I’ve been talking with, the Instacart shopper we had a conversation with while waiting to buy toilet paper…neighbors…and above all my husband.

Today, I long for regular quarantine and Social Distancing. I am in isolation. I spend around 22 hours a day alone, knowing I may leave a probable mist of virus in my wake, and trying desperately to use enough bleach to keep my husband safe. I’ve been ordered to stay at home. To stay as far away from my husband as is feasible possible and that if any more severe symptoms come up that I should stay in place until emergent. And by that, I mean…struggling to…Just Breathe.

I say all this not because I want sympathy, but because, this week as you are feeling well and moving in the social distancing world, please think. The people you have contact with RIGHT NOW…even while you feel fine, you may be putting at risk. Look around! I promise you that 22 hours a day of isolation will bring back the faces of everyone you see today in your memory. This is real. Wash your hands. Keep distance from others. Stay home. Remember that none of this is a surprise to God, that He is in it with all of us. In our worry, in our fear, in our homeschooling, our working from home, and He is with us in our isolation. He is here. And above all else…Just Breathe.

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