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  • Michelle Wells

I Have A Question For You…

A menu and knife and fork cutlery laid on a restaurant table

I know she is perfectly capable of deciding on a meal. After all, I don’t follow her around to every meal helping her choose her food, but when we are together she will often ask.  Why is it so hard for her to make a decision?  In my typical mom voice, I try to ask her what she is hungry for or what kind of food she would like but ultimately, she just waits, and it comes down to the same question, “Mom, what do you think?”  I know from the outside it looks odd having this grown child ask for help choosing a meal, but her reason behind her question is sound.

When asked she just wants to get an opinion.  She doesn’t ask anyone when she is with her friends, or out on a date, but she asks me because she trusts me, respects me and values my opinion.  She really just doesn’t want to choose something that she will regret.  I know…I know…it’s dinner.  There will be dinner tomorrow as well, but what if we all took the time to seek guidance from people we trust and respect to help us make decisions. What if instead of flipping and turning and flipping and turning through life’s decisions, we asked the people we trust what they think.  What if we stopped spending countless hours and days and weeks and months and years trying to make decisions on our own we would take a few minutes to just ask for support and guidance.

After giving Shannon some ideas about food, she always makes a decision.  She always figures out what she really wants and never for half a second does she second guess or look through the menu again.  Life is full of many decisions, and not all of them are as simple as what to eat at Applebees, but what should be a simple decision for some can be a complicated decision for someone else.  Maybe just maybe while we pray for guidance on the complicated decisions, we should also ask someone we care about to help us.  Maybe we can open ourselves up to hear the advice of the ones we love.  So today as I wrestle with some big decisions, I vow to include those I love in the process.  I vow to ask for guidance from God.  I vow to ask for support from my inner circle of friends, and I vow to ask for help from people who can hold me accountable.  So get ready to answer, “What do you think?”

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