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  • Michelle Wells

How Strong Is That Armor???


I know that my knight in shining armor looks drastically different from the fairytale vision that I grew up loathing. My knight doesn’t need a horse, or a sword, and armor isn’t usually required, although there are times when a suit of armor may be helpful when engaging in a conversation with me. It’s not that I need to be thrown on the back of a horse and whisked off into the sunset, but I really wouldn’t mind being picked up in the car and taken out for an evening. Sunset not required. Somewhere in our evolution of feminism we have forgotten that some of us just have a need to be taken care of. Some of us still crave chivalry.

I’m endlessly attracted to the knight who will open car doors, pay for dinner, and protect me from people around me. I’m not the easiest girl to be chivalrous with. To the world I may appear to be this bold, strong, sometimes offensively brass woman, but deep down inside, I want to let my guard down and just know that for a little while someone else will protect me. Chivalry, is not about being submissive, it’s about being vulnerable to letting your guard down. Sometimes as women we believe that we have to be strong all the time. Chivalry is as much a practice for women as it is for men and today, I’m working on allowing more chivalry in my life.

Today, I’m thankful that I live in a world that has cell phones and Oreos, and that there are still wonderful men out there that strive to be chivalrous. So as the men of the world consciously try and remember to hold open a door and offer to buy dinner, we as women need to remember to allow ourselves moments to be vulnerable. Chivalry only works when paired with vulnerability. Today, I’m trying to just breathe. Today, I’m working to accept the vulnerability.

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