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Hey…What’s In That Box????

Woman holding crushed cardboard box with fragile label

Today I had an epiphany, which roughly translates into “God took the opportunity to enlighten me while I was 1 ½ pots of coffee in.” I’ve been hearing for years that God should be enough for all of us. I’ve heard that all peace and contentment should come from just the love and Grace of God. This statement makes me want to run away screaming. (After I finish this last pot of coffee of course!) This morning, somewhere between cup five and cup six, I began to more clearly understand. All peace and contentment should come from the sustaining grace of God. The thing is, I don’t think that’s to say that God’s love and grace looks the same for everyone.

I started thinking about being a parent. I have two very different girls. VERY different. My oldest is this sweet mild mannered, wears her heart on her sleeve, spiritually seeking philanthropist. My youngest is a sassy, funny, warrior that looks more like an arch angel than sweet and mild. I’m not the same parent to both of them. Their needs, their wants, and their limits are very different. I love them in different ways. It seems so natural that God, who created our souls would know that we too need to feel His grace and love differently. The truth is, anything good in life comes from God.

God is a generous gracious God that provides us with gifts to fulfill our needs. Sometimes the gift comes in a dirty messed up box. Sometimes the box has been crushed and it’s dented on three sides. Sometimes we just have to be brave enough to open the box. Because when God answers our prayers and gives you a gift…get ready. He does sustain us, and His grace and love is all we need, but be prepared for it to come in an unconventional box. Small boxes, like a phone call, a text message, a smile from a stranger and life changing boxes, like a new job, a new baby, a college acceptance letter, love are all gifts from God. So as I sit here today and debate brewing that third pot of coffee, I can’t help but know that in my life today, God is sustaining me daily. He is getting ready for something unimaginable and putting it in the box. So like a kid before Christmas….”So God, can we pleeeeease open presents now?!?”

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