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  • Michelle Wells

Here Comes The…Grace


At the ripe old age of 41 years old, I find myself in the position of planning a wedding. Although I admit there is very little actual “wedding planning” and much more “marriage planning” happening, I am without a doubt “planning”. As I look through pictures of white dresses and leaf through appetizer menus, I can’t help but wonder what I want this moment in time to look like.

Weddings are a moment of promises and deeply felt intentions. Weddings are full of idealized visions and sometimes excessive pomp and circumstance. While, I intend to cherish the promise of covenant with the man I love, I want our wedding to be something different.

I hope that in that moment what is seen is two very flawed people. I hope that in that moment people see us not as an example standing at the altar, but as a people who need to be encouraged and held accountable. I hope that in that moment they see hunger for spiritual guidance, for knowledge, and for faith. I hope that in that moment they see the depth of love that we have for each other and that regardless of how arduous our relationship has sometimes been, that being together allows us to be a better reflection of who God created us to be than who we are when we are apart.

I pray that as we stand there and promise God to join our flawed sin-filled lives that the world sees our desire for unrelenting tenacity, unmatched work, and unquivering spirits of forgiveness. So today as I look at white lace and decide where the food station should be in the party room, I sigh. I know that my marriage will only thrive if God remains at it’s core and if we are determined to grant the same grace that we are given. I pray that God softens our hearts and allow us to Just Breathe.

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