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Dear Haters

I’ve been blogging for around a year and a half. It’s been a truly crazy year and a half too. Time full of confusion, elation, sadness, pure joy, romance, loneliness, spiritual growth, and so many life lessons I can’t begin to even name them. During that time I have gained so much insight into who I am and what I believe. I have refined the things I am looking for and have a new found appreciation for when I find something that meets my needs. I have become more in tune with myself, my goals, and my life. You know what else I have gained? I’ve gained a hater.

When I blog about parenthood or various struggles, it’s quiet. I have messages from fellow bloggers with support and understanding, but when I blog about being happy, about romance and love, I’ve been receiving messages full of venom and hate. It’s amazing to me that me sharing moments of happiness makes someone try and discount it or shoot it down? Why do people hate others happiness?

My life is hard. My load is heavy. I’m very flawed and full of sinful thoughts and actions. I make mistakes all the time, but sometimes there are moments of unapologetic joy. I search for them. I seek them out daily. And if I get lucky enough to find romance and love after spending weekends alone for the past four years, I am absolutely going to talk about it. I couldn’t be more proud to be with the man that I am with, and so I find myself wanting to tell the world that I am loved.

So to those who send me hate and venom, I will continue to live a life full of needed and given grace. I will continue to pray for the softening of your heart, and I will know that hate and distain cannot rob me of my happiness. Today I stand firm on knowing that all of the joy and love are straight from God. I have been blessed beyond measure and am truly grateful to Jesus for providing me with my hearts desire. God is good.

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