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Today my hometown lost a hero of sorts.  Not a hero with a cape and super powers, but a hero filled with courage, strength, and vibrant tenacity.  Today my hometown lost an educator that changed the lives of an entire community.  While the accolades of his performance and recognitions of his phenomenal heartfelt work are seen throughout our town, I can’t help but wonder what made this man extraordinary.

I’ve heard stories upon stories of what Stephen Gussler accomplished on the field, in the classroom, and occasionally at random run ins at Kroger, and  I can’t help but be awed by the impact of one man.  I’ve never met Mr Gussler, never had words of wisdom given to me in the checkout line from him, never listened to him teach a health class, or had the privilege of playing on his baseball team and yet I know something about him.  From all of the stories I’ve heard, people love him for all of his hard work, but what they love about him most is one very simple thing…they loved how he made them feel.

His life is a tribute to the power and responsibility we have to each other.   How do we make those around us feel?  Those we love the most and the stranger at the grocery store.  Don’t forget to tell someone you love them, don’t forget to practice a random act of kindness, and don’t forget to fight like hell through the obstacles life throws our way.  Simply, don’t forget to be GUSSTRONG.

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