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  • Michelle Wells

Getting Dressed

The next morning after our shopping experience, I laid her brand new dress on her bed, I choose shoes from her closet that would most appropriately complete the ensemble, I laid out a ribbon for her hair and said six words…”Shannon, it’s time to get dressed!” I stood by her bed picturing her “oohs and ahhs” over getting to finally wear the outfit she had just the day before chosen. As she walked into the room, she smiled at me and then headed toward her bed to get dressed. She quickly assessed the situation and looked up at me and said “What am I supposed to wear?”. I laughed thinking that I’ve already helped her develop her satire skills, but then looked down at a very serious little face. I pointed to the dress and reminded her that she would wear the dress that she liked so much yesterday.

Shannon turned to me and said the words that would begin the infamous war of wills in our house, “Momma, I like it, but I would NEVER wear it!”

While that was a “cold splash of water in the face” reality mom moment for me, it does make me think. How often do we see something we would like but would never actually do. I hear stories about people who sacrifice every fiscal extra in their lives, who live on rice and beans to eliminate debt and pay off houses and I think “I love that!” I see 60 year old women with abs of steel, who clearly invest hours a day on their bodies and I think “I love that!” I see students who sacrifice social lives and nights out to study and get advanced degrees and I think “I love that!” I see people who spend time daily in prayer and meditation and I think “I love that!” But how often am I the one saying, “I like it but I would never wear it!”

As I begin to look forward to the next step of my life, I know that I see things all around me that I like. Today I pray that while liking it is wonderful, I’m praying for the strength to make it happen. As I look at my body, my finances, and my will to submit, I pray that I’m strong enough to wear the things I like. I know that I love the plan that God has for me, so today I pray for the faith, courage and strength to wear it. I see the plan, I like the plan, I even picked the plan out, so now it’s time to get dressed.

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