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Get it in there!


When my girls were little there would be a sort of phenomena that would always occur before we would leave for vacation. They would follow me around the house begging for us to just go. “Mom! Is it time? Hurry up! Let’s just leave already! Mom……”As I went about doing dishes, taking out last minute trash, packing suitcases, clearing out space in the car, grabbing pillows and blankets, finding car entertainment that wouldn’t make me want to run my car off a bridge, and the half a million other little things that had to be done, I would hear the constant chatter of their little voices begging for us to just go already. They seemed to be completely oblivious to what I was trying to accomplish. There were moments when I thought I would have to lock myself in my room, moments I would beg them to just relax and be still and we would be on the road soon. I tried to distract their anxiety by distracting them with helping me pack, tried so hard to involve them in the process, and to keep them engaged, but after they would complete even the smallest task they would start in again. “We put our swimsuits in the bag…now are we ready?” “I put my toothbrush in, is it time?” It never occurred to them that there were 100 other items that needed put in the suitcase, they were just ready to go. There are so many places in my life where I feel like those whiny little girls. So many situations where I continue to beg God to just move it along, and today I started thinking. Maybe my suitcase isn’t completely packed. Maybe I’m standing there holding a bag with a swim suit in it asking if we can please just leave. It’s hard to be holding a half empty suitcase, knowing you need to fill it, but also not knowing what exactly needs to go in. I can almost hear God telling me to just relax. I can almost hear him telling me that he’s packing. He’s carefully placing items in the suitcase. As I look down at my suitcase, I find myself in wonder of what has already been put in. Patience…Yeah!!! I need that. Grace….Yeah! I wasn’t even thinking about that! The courage to express how I feel…Wow! A definite must. Patience, the ability to love completely without expectation, faith that I’m following His lead, accepting the love that others give, allowing God to be in control…piece by piece…packing. As my suitcase begins to get fuller and fuller I know that God is packing it full of things I didn’t know I needed but are vital for the destination. I’m trying so hard to trust in what my girls could never see, God’s work takes time. I need to give Him the space to work in my life. I need him to allow Him to give me things that I will need when I finally find my calling, and I need to accept that packing the suitcase properly takes time. So while I will continue to beg God “to get on with it” (because it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t), I will also be thankfully praising Him for what is already packed. And I know behind a doubt, that it’s almost time.

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