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  • Michelle Wells

Faith In Action


One day at the ripe mature age of 17, I was running around with my friends.  There was this special place tucked back in the woods where you could cliff dive into the lake below.  With great bravado, I put on my swimsuit, hiked up to the top of the cliff and tamed my 1990’s style hairdo into a ponytail.  I was ready.  As I looked over the edge I couldn’t breathe.  It seemed to be 100’s of feet down, I couldn’t tell how deep the water was, and I wasn’t sure how exactly to jump far enough away from the rock so that my body stayed in tact.  I was afraid.  Each of my friends, one by one made the jump from the safety of the top of the rock, flying and landing with euphoria into the water below.

I stood silent and alone at the top of the rock, watching my friends below.  I could faintly hear their shouts of encouragement and taunting over the sound of my heart beating out of my chest and my labored breathing.  Why would I jump from this safe rock?  Why would I leave what I know to go somewhere I’ve never been?  What if I can’t jump?  What if I die in the process?  What if I get to the bottom and want nothing more than to be back up at the top?

So much of life is made up of these moments of standing, and deciding…can I jump?  Looking back, I know that this is what faith looks like.  Faith is the space nestled between the top of the rock and the moment you hit the water.  It’s the delicate space between this known and that known.  Faith is about the unsure space. When God calls to you, He stands on the other side of the known and encourages you to take that next step into the unknown.

I did jump off that cliff that day and while I would love to tell you all about it, I don’t remember a single second of what happened until I hit that water.  Today, I’m working hard to embrace the fall and leap of faith as an important part of my spiritual journey.  Faith is as much an action as it is a thing and today I’m embracing faith in action.  It’s not as much about God calling me to a specific place or direction, it’s just about Him calling me, and it’s absolutely about me answering.

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