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  • Michelle Wells

Faith, Grace and Love


I’m 40 years old this year.  I know, I know…I have been 40 since July, but as is with most “old” people, we can be slow to process.  Plus the sound of my daughter’s voice jokingly calling me the “crypt keeper” keeps ringing through my head.  40 years full of laughter, full of heartbreak, full of joy, full of dirty diapers, full of sick kids, full of confusion, full of best friends, and full of devastating sadness.  40 years full of love, and grace, and evolving faith.

It’s not perfect.  In fact most of my 40 years should have some sort of preamble that states a million excuses for what really doesn’t matter.  I’m flawed.  Despite all these years not being perfect, I have perfect memories.  Memories of childhood neighborhood games, and high school youth group activities, learning to “ski” but never learning to stop, singing, listening to the sounds my girls made moments after they were born, singing, hearing the voice of my most supportive mother at any given moment, experiencing the joy of dropping 100’s of pounds, Chipotle, and falling head over heels…completely and totally in love.

What I know as I look back is that although I have choices I wish I would not have made, I will never regret loving fully, giving complete and honest grace to others, and trusting in my faith…I believe that God supersedes everything. So…this just in…I love with reckless abandon.  I believe in giving grace that is undeserved because I ask God for undeserved Grace daily, and I know that God has a plan for me and my faith is in Him.  Today, I don’t understand every piece of His plan.  I’m confused by so much of it, but it maybe the “crypt keeper” dementia setting in.

So my 40 years are full of an amalgam of memories, but there is a shield of God’s love that covers everything. Despite every piece of heartache, and sadness, I can’t help but feel blessed by the Grace, Faith and Love. Here’s to the next 40 years.

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