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  • Michelle Wells

Do I Know You?

The other day at work during a bout of snowy Ohio weather, I found myself at work alone. The ladies I work with were all stuck in traffic, and so when the office opened, it was just me and one doctor. The first patient of the day slowly made her way up to the window. She quietly gave me her name and the very charming woman, who must have been around 80 years old, completed the check in process. Her husband was scheduled for an appointment as well, so I asked her where he was. She told me that he was parking the car and would be in shortly.

As we continued to fill out forms and scan insurance cards, I noticed an elderly man come in the lobby behind the woman at my desk. With tunnel vision he approached her and almost timidly said to her, “Excuse me ma’am, do I know you? I saw you standing across the room and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

She batted her eyes and responded, “I’m not sure we know each other but you’re a fine young man.”

He took her hand and introduced himself then asked her out for coffee after their doctor’s appointments.

I stood (probably jaw dropped) watching the two of them interact. As they walked hand and hand to their seats, I saw them making small talk and flirting. They would shyly brush against each other and locked eyes with one another as they talked. I called them back to the exam room and they held hands as they went back.

Later that morning the wife came to the window to check out. She told me an amazing story. She told me that she and her husband had been married for 64 years and everytime they are separated, he approaches her like a stranger to “pick her up” once again. She told me that whether they were fighting, whether they were apart during the work day, whether they dealing with their children, running errands…whatever. Everytime they reconnected they started their courtship over again.

What an extreme accolade to demonstrate love. While I find myself in total amazement, I know that this isn’t the key for everyone. I know that not every couple needs to reenact a “first meeting” daily, but what I do know is that everyday you should aim for a moment. A moment where you choose to remember everything that made you fall in love in the first place and everything that you’ve fallen in love with since then.

Love grows with time. It grows with life experience and it grows with patience. But love is ultimately a choice. A choice to decide that it’s worth the exhiliration of the courtship all over again, worth the possibility of rejection, and worth the growing pains to love to maturity. While reenacting a “pick up scene” may not be what I want everyday, I know that having a moment where you decide that you would do it all over again is intoxicating, and everytime I meet my love at a restaurant, a bar, the gym, church…wherever, I will think about that couple and think, “Excuse me sir, do I know you? I was standing across the room and couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

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