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Chocolate Cake


Yesterday I made a chocolate cake for my daughter’s birthday. Making this cake requires precision and tenacity only replicated in high level collegiate chemistry classes. It requires measuring, sifting, melting, boiling water, and multiple dishes. When the cake finally went in the oven, my house looked like something out of “Lord of the Flies Kitchen Edition.” There were bowls and spoons covered in chocolate and flour, and if I’m honest, a combination of ingredients that I could not identify. There were empty boxes and spatulas that I couldn’t remember if I had used. There was the bowl full of melted butter that was only supposed to be softened that was now useless, and there was a visual reminder of each and every step along the way to getting this cake in the oven.

Despite my kitchen appearing that some sort of explosion happened at the Pillsbury factory, the cake was in fact baking. The recipe claimed that “Prep Time” should be 20 minutes, which may in fact be true if everything had gone as planned. I’m sure if I were making this cake on the Food Network, and everything was laying out, perfectly prepared then it would have been in the oven in 20 minutes. I however, took 20 minutes to locate all the ingredients, and an additional 30 minutes to mix up the cake batter. Regardless of the culinary carnage, my house was slowly starting to smell like chocolate.

As I began to undig my countertop I started thinking about God being the potter. How he makes a masterpiece out of a worn marred piece of clay, and I decided that I think He may be more like the baker. What was ideally a “Prep Time 20 minutes” was complicated by all the extrinsic complications. Everyday I’m asking God to take imperfect, overly melted butter and make a masterpiece. I’m handing Him the wrong chocolate, not enough flour, baking powder instead of baking soda, and salt instead sugar. I look to Him in eager anticipation to make a cake out of my life, and I fully admit that I want it done in 20 minutes.

Today as I sit waiting for the extraordinary, I am beginning to smell the culinary masterpiece that He has created. While I continue to see the remnants of all the ingredients lying all around me, I know that He takes all my imperfect ingredients and creates something exceptional. Today, as I look at the leftover chocolate cake, I know that God has me baking. He’s working on me, and although it may not be a perfect masterpiece and that I will undoubtedly screw it up in some way…He is great at making icing to cover up the flaws. At the end of the day, despite how messy or awkward or misunderstood I may appear, my creator still had a hand in the finished masterpiece. Bring on the icing!!!

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