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  • Michelle Wells

Bumper Bowling

I spent the afternoon at a work party. Maybe party is too strong of a word…”gathering” may in fact be more appropriate. It was an afternoon spent with Doctors and Nurse Pactioners and highly educated, smart, fun, caring, sweet people. It was an afternoon we spent at the bowling alley. The Bowling Alley provided a chance to have a little fun, enjoy a little competitive spirit and drink beer at 4:00pm on a Sunday. There were the “adult” lanes and there were the “kid lanes”. My first game I was on the kid lane that came with bumpers on the sides. Bumper bowling allows you to be a horrible bowler, full of clueless lack of skill and just throw your ball down the lane with reckless abandon and almost always knock down a pin or two. Bumper bowling keeps you out of the gutter and headed in the right direction. It keeps you moving.

I started to wonder what life would be like if it came with bumpers. What would it be like to know that no matter how we threw the ball, no matter how fast, or slow, no matter if we threw to the right or to the left, at the end of the lane we would hit something. What woud it be like to live life knowing that no matter what we would never end in the gutter.

I trust in a God of bumpers. A God that keeps me from falling off the lane and ending in utter and complete despair. I know that everytime I throw the ball, God will at times allow me to bounce from side to side, but at the end prevents me from the gutter. So while everyday I pray for a strike in the game of life, I know that some days I’m going to head to the right or head to the left and probably on those days I may just barely hit a pin, but I pray and trust that my faith will keep me out of the gutter. And what I know is that if I end up there, eventually I will get to try again. So today I am looking down the lane of life and faithfully praying for a strike.

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