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  • Michelle Wells

Art In Progress


As my Creator and Artist continue to work, I’m relying on three principles. I’m holding tight to faith that He’s working even when I can’t see it, I’m believing that He will continue to give me hope so that I can move forward, and that His grace will allow me the opportunity to become who He needs me to be. I can see His work all around me. I know that sometimes He picks up some mess that I have made and creates something beautiful. So while God continues to shape and mold me, I’m hoping that I can continue to move in the direction He wants me to go. I hope that I can build the relationships in my life that sustain me. I hope that the people I love always remember that I’m a work in progress. My love is intense and unbound and messy, but if you’re floating out to sea, I will be there jumping in the water. Sometimes we just have to jump in.

#Inspirational #Love #SingleMoms #God #Relationships

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