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I’m preparing for a weekend away with the girls.  Not a weekend away with my girlfriends, but a weekend away with my teenage daughters.  I wish at some point in my life someone would have pulled me aside and talked to me about what it would be like to have girls.  I know that people know what it’s like.  All I have to do is tell people that I have two teenage girls and they look at me with equal amounts of shock and horror, and sometimes they even put their hand on my arm and give me that “my condolences” look.  People know.  Even if they haven’t experienced it first hand, the urban legends lend themselves to appropriate fear.  Girls are emotionally exhausting.  No amount of coffee or RedBull can prepare you for the onslaught of emotional work that they require.

Yet, here I am drinking my coffee (just in case it helps), prayerfully preparing.  I want this weekend to be fun.  Just mindless fun.  I want to channel the innocence of years ago where M&M’s and band-aides could cure almost anything.  I affectionately refer to my girls as the estrogen grenades.  I carry them around with me, and you just never know when one of them is going to explode.  Do you have any idea what it’s like to carry around live grenades throughout the day?  I find myself constantly in a tactical position to protect them from the hurricane of drama the outside world thrusts upon them.

I want a weekend of connection with these girls, a weekend that will build a memory and doesn’t come with a 4 tissue box minimum.  So, I’m sitting here praying and drinking coffee.  I’m constructing visions of pedicures and shopping, lunch somewhere unusual and maybe bowling.  Perhaps a movie with a large bucket of popcorn, and lots and lots of caffeine just in case, but the truth is I know that this weekend is about God’s agenda.

So today, as I prepare to spend some time with the girls I’m counting on the Grace of God to meet me where I am.  As we begin this Easter weekend, I’m opening myself up as an empty vessel.  God, please help me to not say anything incredibly stupid, keep me upbeat and inspired, allow me to be a soft place for them to land and a source of fun, and God continually remind me of the blessings and love that you have given me, and if a grenade blows up let there be a water to wine scenario at dinner.  And for the record, I will be bringing M&M’s and band-aides with me just in case.

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