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While I patiently wait for that next day of sunshine, I’ve learned to appreciate the rain. I love the rain. Maybe I’m overstating, I hate that my hair begins to look like I should be cast as an extra in “The Lion King” when it rains, and I hate the fact that suddenly all common sense is discarded by drivers on the freeway once the first drop of rain falls. I do however find the rain therapeutic. I like sitting on my porch swing watching storms blow in, listening to the white noise of the rain hitting the ground, and knowing that the rain is going to wash away everything dirty and messy.

About a year ago, I also discovered that I love to run in the rain. I love the feeling of the drops of water hitting my body, washing away all the sweat and grime and dirt that I carry around with me. And I carry a lot of dirt around with me. I love the feeling of the water hitting me knowing that water cleanses the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul. Rain is baptismal in nature, it cleanses, it wipes away, it allows for new beginnings. I’ve never claimed to have a flawless life. I’ve made so many mistakes, made so many bad choices, but the rain washes them away. The Grace of God has allowed me a new beginning, free of all of the guilt, the shame, the fear, and the regret.

So as I continue to follow in the direction God is leading me, I’m also able to hold my head high and know that my soul has been washed clean of the dirt and grime. I’ve been forgiven. I know that I’m not always going get it right. I know that I’ll make mistakes, some of which hurt others. I’m flawed, I’m not perfect, but I’m also blessed with a God who paid the price for my bad choices. Today, I get to live in the light, not hiding behind the guilt and shame, today I get to grab my sunglasses and a drink with an umbrella in it and bask in the blinding light of grace that the Holy Spirit shines on me. Today, I’m grateful for the rain.

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